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About Us


    Shenzhen KED Optical Electric Technology Co.,Ltd. was funded in 2007,which integrate R & D design, production, sales and service. Our company not only process senior professional R & D teams and electronic industry experienced engineering personnel, but also the have strong ability of design, development, productivity .

    Focus on the production of precision wet cleaning equipment in electronic manufacturing

    Widely used in SMT, LCD, solar, LED, semiconductor and other fields

    We provide :Cleaning equipment, cleaning media, technology and other sophisticated set of replicable solutions

    Your trusted professional electronic precision cleaning products and service partners

    Since its inception, to provide users with the most cost-effective products and systematic solutions has always been our goal.
    Leading domestic and foreign-based cleaning fluid and equipment manufacturers make KED team of strategic cooperation to solve cleaning problems to your superior

    Professional cleaning laboratory support:
    Initial cleaning tests is to achieve precision cleaning applications, the basis for stable and reliable process. Our lab has a variety of different cleaning cleaning technology.for example ,Spray, ultrasonic and jet streams, etc., on the comparison of different cleaning technologies, you can find the most suitable cleaning process,
    Recommend to you all the cleaning process have been verified by laboratory cleaning operation, thus ensuring reliable cleaning process recommended and can be successfully replicated in the actual production,
    Reduce non-core business processes user input, and improve core competitiveness

    Continuous Innovation:
    KED independent R & D and innovation continues to actively explore and improve the design to ensure equipment reliability and long-term efforts to reduce energy consumption
    Is now part of the design was at home and abroad a number of certification. Many new designs are industry colleagues his appreciation and learning, to help industry improve the overall technical strength.
    KED annual R & D investment to more than 10% of turnover.

    We are committed to "low carbon" & "zero" emissions:
    We have implemented closed-loop run cleaner technologies to achieve lower consumption of cleaning fluid,We will be environmental protection and the concept of zero emissions throughout the product design, from the pneumatic power source.
    Air emissions of heat applied to the dynamics of condensate recovery and then to a vacuum vapor phase cleaning technology design ensures minimum consumption of energy and cleaning fluid in order to achieve the lowest emissions.


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